Himalayan Healing Retreat

Led By: Dr. Vandita Dubey
(US-trained clinical psychologist, published author & co-founder of the Himalayan Writing Retreat)

Venue: The Himalayan Writing Retreat

About Vandita Dubey

The number one thing the pandemic taught us is to prioritise our emotional health and wellness.

While we lost much to the pandemic, now is the time to step out, travel, and grow.

This emotional well-being workshop is open to all people and non-writers are welcome. It has been put together using scientifically validated practices and theories from the field of psychology. The program is led by Dr. Vandita Dubey, a clinical psychologist trained in the US.

Workshop Highlights

Through a host of different exercises you reflect on your life and process difficult emotions. A few of these exercises may involve writing. These activities help you gain insights into your thoughts and feelings. You discover a new perspective and learn ways to deal with life’s challenges. Many of these exercises are personal and others are done as a group. Sharing is always optional and participants privacy is paramount. This is a small group format to encourage more sharing.

Meditation sessions, visualization and mindfulness exercises further enrich the experience and help calm the mind. Again, this workshop is not about writing skills, and you only share what you choose, and feel comfortable with.