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Quest for the simple life

Tired of their competitive and demanding lives, urbanites are travelling to tribal areas to learn the basics of staying happy. Meghna Mukherjee discovers the world of rural tourism...

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Success Story - Piya Bose

Piya Bose's success story is not one in which external adversities weighed her down. While she had her share of those too, the biggest challenge was from within...

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Women Only - Hindustan Times

From TV channels to chauffeurs and online career portals to female-only holiday packages, entrepreneurs offer a range of services exclusively for the women of the city....

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Pack Your Bags, Ladies - Daily Excelsior

After Sheila Lakhanpal, 65, lost her husband a decade ago, she began feeling listless. She mourned for a year, and hung out with other friends who were widowed. But when money from her husband's insurance plan funded an impromptu trip to Europe with a female companion, Lakhanpal's life wheeled back on track...

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Gentlemen, not allowed - Midday Mumbai

The chicks call it a dream trip, one where a scruffy tour operator doesn't herd you like the sheep you are shown from your stuffy bus window an hour later, grazing at a meadow. It's one where everything is organised right down to the last bottle of water, where you can chat about anything from how the menstruation cycle decides to follow you on every trip like a shadow, to what it's like using an open-air loo.

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A girly trip - Times of India

Imagine this – giggling away like little girls well past midnight, shopping as though there was no tomorrow, togging up in outfits that have stayed locked in the bed box for ages, finding soulmates in a group of strangers and having just ‘me-time’ on the to-do list.

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I Have Never... travelled with an Army Convoy -

My previous business card said Piya Bose, lawyer. Now it reads Piya Bose, traveller. Having quit my law stint (I'm still a trained lawyer) and started a women-only travel club, I take my job title of compulsive traveller very seriously.

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On their own trip - Tribune India

All-women trips are getting popular. The travellers are not just from Mumbai or Delhi but other cities and small towns as well. Clubs like Girls on the Go and Women on Wanderlust (WoW) have created avenues for them to travel, socialise and make new friends,

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Like-minded ladies - Star Malaysia

Thanks to burgeoning all-women travel clubs in India, the ladies are now winging their way to exotic holiday destinations, trying out fun things like bungee jumping, scuba diving and parasailing and indulging in shopping excursions without pesky kids, hubbies or boyfriends holding them back.

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