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About GOTG

Girls-on-the-Go Travel Club (GOTG) is a travel forum that takes women expedition cruising to Antarctica, ger camping in Mongolia, leisurely drives through Europe's charming countryside, photographing the Northern Lights in the Arctic, trekking up to the Everest Base Camp, experiencing reverse magnetism at meteorite craters in Maharashtra, exploring ancient civilizations like the Indus Valley sites, under water sea diving in Bali, hot air ballooning at Angkor Wat, living with the erstwhile head hunter tribes of Nagaland and much more.


GOTG was born out of a deep passion for travel and a desire for innovation on a 'zero cash business model' by lawyer turned travel entreprenneur Piya Bose, who has been listed by Conde Naste Traveller India, among top 15 travel entreprenneurs shaking up the travel scene in India. Her TEDx talk about her transition that led to the birth of GOTG has also been ranked among the top 9 most inspiring TED talks on travel globally, by Forbes. Innovation, creativity and thinking out of the box continue to be the core philosophy behind GOTG  and that is what gives us a very unique identity.

Through our diverse and well curated trips, we create 'head space' for you to think, reflect and celebrate life as you stand in front of the enigmatic pyramids of Egypt, watch the sun set dramatically over the volcanic crater of Santorini, as you cruise down the banks of Mekong, engage with the traditional wisdom of tribes living in the steppes of Mongolia or the Bishnoi villages of Rajasthan etc.

From the remote reaches of Ladakh to the icebergs of Antarctica, GOTG gives you the perfect platform to live out your travel fantasies. Interesting destinations are chosen and the trips include a variety of activities that bring out the adventurous 'You', besides allowing you sufficient time to do the things you want to do.

Most itineraries are designed keeping in mind all age groups and fitness levels. So, even if you have crossed your sixties, but are young at heart, you can sign up for these trips and watch yourself become a curious, girl once again.

What is unique about travelling with GOTG?

For those of you, who travel with our 'women only' groups :

- You get to meet and interact with women from diverse backgrounds and places.You are able to talk freely about a variety of topics comfortably.You do not feel awkward discussing health issues or open air toilet stops.

- You are not stopped by your husbands, fathers, brothers or sons from trying out a new adventure or go on that last minute shopping spree. In fact you will have plenty of company!

- Women bond really fast and really well. They also make great travel companions. So, at the end of a trip you are definitely going to have great friends.

- Women usually have different needs than men, both in terms of what they want to experience in a new place and how they want to go about experiencing it. A trip with only women makes this much easier.

- Most importantly, you feel safe in the company of other women travellers like you and convincing your family about the safety quotient of a getaway is not a hassle.

Whether you are a single woman or a group of friends, there is enough place and plenty of reasons for you to come for our trips and join the other girls on the go!

For those of you who want to travel totally solo :

With our well curated network of hotels and travel partners in various destinations,we can take care of logistics like :

- Hotels/ home stays

- Hop on - hop off tickets or private tours

- Restaurant suggesstions/ food walks/ pub crawls etc.

- Passes for shows, museums, monuments etc.

- Help you find a group tour for parts of your itinerary that are expensive to travel by yourself.

- Use our network to try and  reduce the dreaded 'single supplement'.

- Help you with contacts of our local contacts in case of an emergency.

- Tips and suggestions on suggested routes, best local sim cards, where to get best shopping deals etc to make your solo exploration more enriching and less stressful.