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Trip pace - Relaxed

One of our classic favourites. Easy to do and fanta - bulously rejuvenating. Enjoy the unparalleled monsoon charms of Goa, Sawantwadi and Vengurla in an extended weekend getaway from the city’s din and bustle.


GOTG’s Top 5 Picks:

  1. Build sand castles, both on beautiful virgin beaches and in the cool, monsoon breeze.
  2. Let yourself go and soak yourself and all your senses in waterfalls or just do an impromptu rain dance.
  3. Experience the real Goa minus truck loads of tourists and the laid back charms of traditional towns and villages of Konkan.
  4. We are flexible with our itineraries, so you can explore more. Get off your car, run into a field, chat up with a farmer, try your hand at ploughing and get a real mud spa at a paddy field. When you open yourself up to nature, your experiences can be incredible.
  5. No monsoon experience is complete with steaming cups of chai and pakoras… and of course India’s version of a burger ‘Vada Pao’ and traditional Konkani cuisine.


DatesJuly 16 – 20, 2014


Trip pace – On the go.

Escape to enchanting lands of absolutely virgin beauty in Himachal, where the stark and barren beauty of Spiti and the lush green hills of Lahaul come alive with mystic Buddhist chants and colourful, prayer flags fluttering in the wind. Keep your cameras handy, because taking great photos and being guided to do so, is itself a highlight of the trip.

Note: This trip is organized by one of GOTG’s partners and GOTG forms a ‘group within a group’. Accomodation is basic, yet comfortable and the stress is more on adventure. Suitable for intrepid travelers, who have a yen for road trips, camping and outdoor adventure.

GOTG’s top 5 Picks  :

  1. Drive over the high passes of Rohtang and Kunzum, with spectacular scenery.
  2. Camp out amongst the mountains near the Chandratal Lake renowned for its legendary beauty.
  3. Explore traditional villages on foot and and share a laugh with rosy cheeked villagers.
  4. Get some ‘Zen time’ at a monastery in Komic, apparently the highest village in the world.
  5. Explore the streets and cafes of old Manali, buy some sparkling fruit wine and try out the delicious trout at Johnson’s café.


Dates - Aug 2 – 7, 2014


Trip pace – On the go.

Any place in Ladakh is magical, but when we throw in Turtuk… a place that is truly offbeat and enticing, the journey just becomes a class apart.

GOTG’s Top 5 Picks:

  1. Camp out by the mesmerizing Pangong Lake, that scintillates with a million shades of blue.
  2. Travel on the ancient silk route taken by ancient silk traders to Nubra Valley, where you can ride on the two humped Bactrian camel on sand dunes silhouetted against snow capped mountains.
  3. Visit Turtuk, the furthest most point on the India – Pakistan border where civilians are allowed permission to go. The locals are from the Aryan race and speak the Balti language that is popularly spoken in Balistan in Northern Pakistan. World’s best apricots are from Turtuk and local cherries, apricots and apples are also excellent.
  4. Sip on the salted, pink gur – gur chai, feast on Thupkas, momos and Kashmiri Wazwans.
  5. Shop for turquoise, silver, Pashmina, Buddhist Thangkas etc at the Leh market that is full of local flavor and character.



1st departure: Aug 9 – 17, 2014 (includes the 15th August weekend)

2nd departure: Sep 2 – 10, 2014



Trip pace – On the go.

The very mention of Mongolia will definitely get the hard core travelers amongst you very excited. Nestled on the border of China, even today Mongolia is shrouded in mystery and traditional charm. A journey to Mongolia, is a travel back in time as you meet and interact with locals, untouched by modernity. Our exciting itinerary starts at the capital Ulanbator and then takes you through a variety of landscape from the vast Gobi desert, Kharkhorum, Khustai National park etc.

GOTG’s Top 5 Picks:

  1. Enjoy fantastic drive through steppes past rolling mountains and villages.
  2. Stay in a traditional, yet well equipped Ger camp for the most authentic Mongolian experience.
  3. Explore Bayanzag, also known as the Flaming Cliffs.  Complete dinosaur skeletons and eggs have been excavated here.
  4. Visit Khustai National Park and hopefully see the Central Asian wild horse, marmot, red deer, Golden Eagle etc.
  5. When you think of Mongolia, you may not exactly have sophisticated cities in mind. Well, Ulaanbator, Mongolia’s capital has several stylish cafes, restaurants, shops and a very vibrant night life that you must check out.

Dates – Sep 6 to 16, 2014



Trip pace – Relaxed

Bhutan fascinates the mind like no other. Tucked in the heart of the Himalayas and surrounded by its larger neighbours India and Nepal, Bhutan manages to maintain its own unique charm. The country that measures its development by 'Gross National Happiness' and not GDP has proved to the developed world that only materiel wealth cannot be a benchmark of a nation's progress. The country's large forest cover, special laws against hunting and fishing that are zealously followed, concern about not wasting natural resources, have preserved Bhutan as possibly the world's last Shangri La.

GOTG’s Top 5 Picks:

  1. De stress with a therapeutic hot stone bath in a traditional wooden bath tub, where the water is heated by hot stones.
  2. Up your happiness quotient with a trek up to the fabled ‘Tiger’s Nest Monastery perched at the edge of a hill. Just you and the sound of blissful silence.
  3. Did you think only women wore skirts? Giving the Scotsmen and the Bhutanese women
  4. Did you know that in Bhutan, chillies are not just used as seasoning, but are cooked as an entire dish? Give your taste buds a serious challenge with Bhutan’s famous ‘Ema Datchi’ (Chillies cooked with cheese).
  5. Meet the almost mythical Taikin, an animal that has the head of a goat and the body of a cow assembled by Bhutan’s famous ‘Divine Madman’, Lama Drupa Kuenly.


Dates – Sep 7 to 13, 2014


Trip pace - Relaxed

This trip is for those who love to live it up in style . On this signature, luxury trip you will be accompanied by Caroline Maincent from France, who will show you the country’s hidden delights,  that only someone who has lived and passionately loved France can share with you.

GOTG’s Top 5 Picks:

  1. Explore Paris in a very unique way in iconic vintage French cars.
  2. paintings and unexpected details of impressionist masterpieces.
  3. Explore the charming wine growing region of Provence and visit a traditional, family owned vineyard. Here, you stay in a 5* luxury spa hotel, where you can de stress with a variety of Mediterranean spa treatments.
  4. Up your luxe quotient at the French Riviera, the play ground of the rich, famous and the hedonistic. Visit Cannes, famous for international film festivals and walk in the footsteps of legendary actors on the red carpet at the Palace of Festivals, like Hollywood stars. Try your luck at one of Monaco’s casinos and relax at the seaside promenade at Nice.
  5. What is Paris without a glass of fine champagne and lots of shopping at some of the most chic boutiques of the world?


Dates : Sep 22 to October 1, 2014