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Trip pace - Relaxed

Visit the stunning temples of Angkor Wat, get a Khmer massage and watch an Apsara dance at Cambodia. Check out Vietnam's surreal limestone caves of Halong Bay, quaint villages by the Mekong River and legendary sun kissed beaches in one extraordinary trip, spanning two countries.

Dates- Nov 18 - 27, 2016


Trip pace – Relaxed

Prepare to get bowled over by Norwegian Arctic's winter charms. Cruise past the beautiful coastline of Norway, sledge on huskies, say hello to the reindeer, visit an Ice Hotel, go King crab fishing and much more. Whats more? Let the winter skies of Norway unfold to you the beautiful Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Need we say more?

(This trip will be customised on request and is highly recommended for solo travelers as well).

Dates - Nov - March


Trip pace – Relaxed.

Join us to celebrate Orissa's extraordinary, international maritime history spanning centuries in the legendary 'Bali Yatra' (Voyage to Bali), on the banks of the Mahanadi. Also on the list are visits to the epic temples of Konarak and Jagannath temple at Puri, a visit to the craft village of Raghurajpur and some 'me - time' with nature at Chilka, Asia's largest salt water lake.



Nov 22 - 27, 2016


Trip pace – On the go.

The very mention of Mongolia will definitely get the hard core travelers amongst you very excited. Nestled on the border of China, even today Mongolia is shrouded in mystery and traditional charm. A journey to Mongolia, is a travel back in time as you meet and interact with locals, untouched by modernity. Our exciting itinerary starts at the capital Ulanbator and then takes you through a variety of landscape from the vast Gobi desert, Kharkhorum, Khustai National park etc.


Dates – July 2017



Trip pace – On The Go

Egypt brings to mind unsolved mysteries of possibly the world's most intriguing civilization. Join us as we head into the shape shifting sands of the Sahara to stand in the presence of the mighty Giza & Sphinx, enjoy the Mediterranean vibe of Alexandria, visit the mountain where Moses received the 10 Commandments, go diving into the spectacular Red Sea, sail down the Nile and go shopping for papyrus at Cairo's Khan el Khalili market.


Dates – Dec 9 - 18, 2016


Trip pace - Relaxed

This is a journey for those looking for an exploration with a spiritual twist. Take a shot at travelling to alternate dimensions with none other than the Dalai Lama as your guide at the Kalachakra Festival in Bodh Gaya, where he teaches you how to transcend the 'Kalachakra' or the 'Cycle of Time'. When you are not busy exploring alternate realms, visit the multitude of monasteries in Bodh Gaya and the grand, historic sites of Nalanda and Rajgir.

(This trip will be customised on request only.)


Dates : Jan 3 - 14, 2017